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How much do Airbnb management companies charge?

In the ever-evolving landscape of short-term rentals, property owners are frequently left bewildered by the complexity and opacity of management fees charged by Airbnb management companies. Navigating this maze can be a daunting task, with hidden charges and complex pricing structures clouding your decision-making process. However, at, we believe in a different approach – one rooted in transparency and straightforwardness.

The Challenge of Finding Clear Pricing: Traditionally, the short-term rental management industry has been shrouded in ambiguity when it comes to fees. From hidden costs to variable rates, property owners often find themselves signing contracts without a clear understanding of the financial implications. This lack of clarity not only makes it challenging to calculate potential returns but also hinders your ability to make informed decisions about your property.’s Transparent Approach: At, we stand out from the crowd with our commitment to transparency. Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward – we charge a flat 20% of your rental income. This means no hidden fees, no surprise charges, and no complex calculations. Our goal is to make your experience as stress-free and clear as possible.

Benefits of Our Pricing Model:

    1. Simplicity: Our flat rate makes it easy for you to understand and anticipate your expenses.
    2. Fairness: You pay only a percentage of what you earn, aligning our interests with yours.
    3. Predictability: With a consistent fee structure, forecasting your income becomes more reliable.

Ownership and Flexibility: Unlike many management companies, with, you retain ownership of your listing and reviews – crucial assets in the Airbnb ecosystem. This ensures that the reputation you build is yours to keep, providing long-term value beyond our management services. Moreover, our no long-term contract policy offers you the flexibility to adapt as your needs change. Every month we have to prove our value to keep you as a customer. This approach aligns our goals with your goals.

Selective Partnership for Success: We believe in quality over quantity. is selective about the properties we manage, as our recipe for success is deeply linked to client satisfaction. By focusing on properties that align with our expertise and standards, we ensure that we can provide the highest level of service and maximize your rental income.

Conclusion: In a market where opacity is the norm, offers a beacon of transparency and simplicity. Our straightforward pricing, combined with the ownership and flexibility we offer, makes us an ideal partner for your short-term rental needs. We invite you to experience the difference that clarity and transparency can make in your short-term rental journey. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the Airbnb marketplace with no pressure and a focus on your satisfaction.